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Tips for Catching Suspended Crappie
The fall feeding spree in the shallows was over and the crappie had moved back to their deep water haunts on my home lake. Late fall can be a tough time to catch crappie on Lake of the Ozarks since the fish tend to suspend over deep water. However a bass fishing buddy of mine showed me a couple of tricks...


Build Your Own Spinnerbaits
Buying a good spinnerbait can be a good bargain since it is a lure for all seasons. However, buying the perfect spinnerbait for each situation you encounter can be quite expensive. Since spinnerbaits come in a wide array of sizes, colors and blade configurations, you could go broke trying to buy one of each type.  The most cost-effective solutions to this problem are to make your own spinnerbaits from scratch...


Buzzing with Brent Chapman
The water has cooled down, and the bass have migrated to the shallows to feast on baitfish. During this annual fall feeding spree, bass can be coaxed into biting just about any lure you want to throw. However, if you enjoy living on the edge and relish the suspense of topwater fishing, then try a buzz bait in any conditions and during any time of the day. Few fishing thrills match the excitement of watching a buzz bait suddenly disappear..

Weeding out Fall Bass
Weeds are wonderful spots to search for bass when the water is warm, but some anglers shy away from this type of cover during autumn when leaves on the trees and aquatic vegetation start turning brown.  Weeds dying in the fall causes oxygen depletion in some areas that can lead to poor fishing, but Bassmaster Elite Series pro Tim Horton knows some dead vegetation can be just as good as the green stuff..


Throwing the Football Deep
When a quarterback needs to score big he throws the football deep.  The same strategy applies for bass anglers when they throw football jigs. Bassmaster Elite Series pro Derek Remitz demonstrated the scoring power of the football jig when he wracked up a four-day tally of 20 bass weighing 111 pounds, 7 ounces to win the 2007 Battle on the Border event at Lake Amistad in Texas...












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